Fence at Brough Bay

Of course, the existence of the fence does not mean you cannot use the land behind the fence, but please do not damage the fence – it is monitored by CCTV to protect it from vandalism. Feel free to use the bay as you normally would and once the bully boys have withdrawn their claim, the bay will be restored to its former glory without the fence. The fence has been wrecked and stolen by vandals and the boats put back in situ.


Land dispute

We apologise to users of Brough Bay for the inconvenience of having a fence across part of the car park. This is due to a land dispute with the Brough Bay Association who are claiming the land of Brough Bay Ltd. despite there being title deeds in the latters’ name, and the usage of the land far earlier than that of the association. The fence will be removed when the BBA withdraw any claim on the land of the Company and fulfil certain other conditions. The project to renovate the pier can then continue.

We are sincerely sorry, but have had no choice but to take this drastic action. You can contact us via this blog should you have any queries. The fence was erected on
13th February 2011.