Photos of Brough Bay

We have copies of old photos of Brough Bay donated by a generous local supporter. We hope to be able to catalogue these in a format which can be viewed by visitors, giving an explanation of what the Bay was used for.


Brough Bay clean up day – 25th April

Day two of the clean up day, when the area round the seats were cleaned up and gravel put on the path and under the seats. A lot of dead grass and weeds were pulled out leaving a pleasant place for people to sit and enjoy the scenery and the resident seal colony in Brough Bay.

Brough Bay clean up day – 24th April. "Keep Scotland Beautiful" event

The Brough Bay clean up was done over a two day period, the first to repair the slipway, build a barbecue and put a rubbish bin in place. The beach was also picked clean of much of the rubbish.

The Dunnet Head Educational Trust also organised a skip for the villagers of Brough to get rid of their rubbish over the weekend. Thanks to the Highland Council for their assistance.